Greip offers a very powerful and quick IP Geolocation API capable of looking up your website/app visitors information, such as IP Address, location, timezone, device information and even security threats. By using this API you will be able to know more about your website/app visitors and provide better user experience.
This documentation shows how to use this API by highlighting the API methods, options and some other features that allow you to get the most of this API.
This API offers a "development environment". So you can integrate the API with your website/app without affecting your subscription. Please note that the "development environment" of this API will retrieve random (fake) information. And also, it will simulate the live mode exactly.

Quick Start

Greip can be used for both personal and commercial use cases. No matter if you have a paid plan or not, you will have the same accuracy, speed and security.
Each user has a unique API Key that can be used to access the API functions. If you don't have one yet, please create new account first.