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Greip’s Fraud Prevention API is a powerful tool that can help you detect and prevent various types of fraud in your website or app. By using this API, you can gain more insight into your users and provide a better user experience and more importantly protecting your business from financial losses that rising each year due to fraudulent activities. In this documentation, we’ll show you how to use the API by highlighting its methods, options, and other features.

Our API also offers a “development environment,” which allows you to test and integrate the API with your website or app without affecting your subscription. Please note that while the development environment simulates live mode exactly, it will retrieve random (fake) information. This feature can be helpful for developers who want to test the API’s functionality before going live.

Quick Start

The Greip Fraud Prevention API can be used for both personal and commercial use cases, and you’ll receive the same level of accuracy, speed, and security regardless of whether you have a paid plan or not. To get started, you’ll need to create account and obtain a unique API key. Once you have your key, you can use it to access the API’s functions and start detecting and preventing fraud in your website or app.