Although we strive to provide a seamless and reliable experience, sometimes things can go wrong. In the event of an error, our API provides an error response that contains helpful information to assist you in resolving the issue.

The error response includes the status, code, type, and description of the error. The status indicates the general category of the error, while the code and type provide more specific information about the error.

The description property provides a detailed explanation of the error and may include suggestions for resolving the issue.

Here is an example of an error response:

  "status": "error",
  "code": 101,
  "type": "invalid_key",
  "description": "The API Key is missing or invalid."

Error codes

101invalid_keyThe API Key is missing or invalid.
102inactive_userThe API Key owner (the account) is inactive right now. Please contact the support team for more information.
103limit_reachedYou reached the limit of your plan for this month. Please change your account’s plan or wait this month to end.
104invalid_paramsPlease check out the parms parameter’s value.
105plan_expiredYour plan has expired. Renew the subscription to enable using the API.
106flood_detectedOur system has detected too many requests at the same time. Kindly please try to slow down.
107invalid_callback_nameThe value of the callback parameter cannot be a function name.
108invalid_formatThe value of the format parameter is not a valid format. Use JSON, XML or Newline.
109callback_not_allowdYou can use the callback feature only with the JSON format.
110invalid_languageThe value of the lang parameter is not a valid format. Use EN, AR, FR, DE, ES, JA, ZH or RU.
111invalid_modeThe value of the mode parameter is not a valid format. Use test or live.
112invalid_ipThe IP Address is not valid or empty.
113domain_not_whitelistedYou are sending the request from a domain that is not the domain name you set in the API settings of your account’s dashboard.
114security_module_not_allowedYou cannot use the security module in the free plan. Please upgrade your API plan to unlock this feature.
116invalid_country_codeThe Country Code is invalid or not found.
117feature_not_availableThis feature is not available for your plan, please upgrade your plan first.
118invalid_phone_numberThe Phone Number is invalid or missing.
119invalid_email_addressThe Email Address is invalid or missing.
120invalid_bin_numberThe BIN number is invalid or missing.
121invalid_asnThe AS Number you provided is empty or invalid.
122invalid_ibanThe IBAN is invalid or missing.
123invalid_useridThe user identifier is invalid or too long.