Greip CLI


Greip API has the ability to be accessed through your Terminal / Command Line! Thanks to Greip CLI that provides the ability to do that.
This feature will allow Greip users to access the complete data directly from their Terminal.
This CLI can be installed in whatever operation system has NPM (Node Package Manager) installed.
If you don't have NPM installed in your system, please check out their docs page.


Paste the following command in your Terminal / Command Line then hit ENTER.
npm install --global ggip


Before passing through how to use this tool, let's set our API Key first. This can be done by simply typing ggip in your Terminal then hit ENTER.
You should see something like this:
Greip CLI - Setting the API Key
Just paste your API Key then hit ENTER. That's all, let's jump into the usage of this CLI.
If you don't have an API Key, just create an account in our website. Then you'll have it automatically after completing the registration process. For more information about obtaining your API Key, please click here.


If you completed the above steps correctly, then you should see something similar to this:
Greip CLI - Help
This is the usage information of the CLI. You can access it any time by typing ggip or ggip -h in your Terminal.


The CLI has 4 main commands:
Used to retrieve the current IP Address information.
Used to fetch the information of a specific IP Address.
Can be used to retrieve the information of a specific country by passing the Country Code.
Used to reset the current settings of the CLI. (Removes the API Key we set before)
In the next pages, we'll describe the usage of them one-by-one.