Lookup Command


This command can be used to fetch the information of a specific IP Address. Let's dive into this now.


We can simple know how to use each command by adding -h after the command.
ggip lookup -h
Then, the CLI will return the complete information about this specific command (in this case, lookup command). The output should be something like this:
Greip CLI - lookup command usage information
As shown above in the screenshot, you have multiple options you can use for this command, which are:
Specifies the format of the returned data. Accepts: JSON or Newline. Default: Newline.
Enables the development environment. Please use it only for testing, this will cause returning fake data from the API.
A set of the modules you want to use, separated by comma. Accepts: location, timezone and/or security.


In this section we'll list some usage cases with the description of them.
# Retrun the basic information of the specified IP Address
ggip lookup
# Return the basic information of the specified IP Address in dev mode.
ggip lookup -d
# Return timezone, location and basic information of the specified IP
ggip lookup -m timezone,location
# Return both timezone & basic information of the specified IP in JSON format
ggip lookup -m timezone -o JSON