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Me Command


This command can be used to fetch the current IP Address information (your information). Let's dive into this now.


We can simple know how to use each command by adding -h after the command.
ggip me -h
Then, the CLI will return the complete information about this specific command (in this case, me command). The output should be something like this:
Greip CLI - me command usage information
As shown above in the screenshot, you have multiple options you can use for this command, which are:
Returns only the current IP Address without additional data.
Specifies the format of the returned data. Accepts: JSON or Newline. Default: Newline.
Enables the development environment. Please use it only for testing, this will cause returning fake data from the API.
A set of the modules you want to use, separated by comma. Accepts: location, timezone and/or security.


In this section we'll list some usage cases with the description of them.
# Retrun the basic information of the current IP Address
ggip me
# Retrun only the current IP Address
ggip me -i
# Return only the current IP Address in dev mode.
ggip me -i -d
# Return timezone, location and basic information of the current IP
ggip me -m timezone,location
# Return both timezone & basic information of the currnet IP in JSON format
ggip me -m timezone -o JSON